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Lightroom 2 Tips – Keyboard Shortcuts


Working in Lightroom, as most graphics software is a constant struggle between the mouse and the keyboard.  Lightroom offers keyboard shortcuts (A keyboard shortcut is a key or set of keys that performs a predefined function) for almost any task. I prefer to use the mouse for most things since I am generally using it anyway, unlike a word-processing program where I am generally using the keyboard.  Therefore I am not as familiar with the shortcuts as I would like to be.  To  use many of the keyboard shortcuts, I need to jog my memory every now and then. 

There are many free shortcut lists that you can download from the internet:

Victoria (the Lightroom Queen) has kindly posted some free Adobe Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts PDFs for both Lightroom version 1 and the just released Lightroom 2.

Adobe has a compete list in their online help which can be found here

I tend to loose lists and sheets of paper on my desk so I prefer to use the popup lists in Lightroom.  In any module just press the “Ctrl + /” keys and the shortcuts for that module apear on screen and then dissapear as soon as you hit a key or click the mouse.  As you can see Lightroom has a shortcut to shortcuts.



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