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Archive for November 2009

Photo Exhibit – Arkansas River Valley Nature Center

Janet Huckabee River Valley Nature Center

For the month of November I will be having an exhibit at the Janet Huckabee River Valley Nature Center in Fort Smith. The exhibit will consist of 12 Gallery Wrap Giclee prints on canvas in varying sizes up 3′ x 5′. Giclée commonly pronounced “zhee-clay,” is an invented name for the process of making fine art prints from a digital source using ink-jet printing. The word “giclée”, from the French language word “gicleur” meaning “nozzle”, was created by Jack Duganne, a printmaker working in the field, to represent any inkjet based digital print used as fine art. The intent of that name […]

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Mud Pit Racing – Poteau Oklahoma

Little boys like to play in the mud with their trucks, and big boys love to play in the mud with their trucks. Mud pit racing, mud racing, mud running or simply muddin” is a form of off road racing in which the goal is to drive a vehicle through a pit of mud of a set length. Winners are determined by the distance traveled through the pit or, if several vehicles are able to travel the entire length, the time taken to traverse the pit. This mud race was a part of the Poteau Balloon Fest held on Halloween […]

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Hot Air Balloon Glow – Poteau Balloon Festival

  The annual Poteau OK Balloon Festival was held on Halloween, and I attended to shoot the spectacle.  The photos here were taken during what is called a “balloon glow”.  A hot air balloon glow is when the balloons are set up and inflated at night or dusk, and the pilots light the inside of the balloon with the propane burner used to create the hot air that causes the balloons to fly.  The flames from the burner cause the colorful balloon envelopes to glow in the dark.  The balloons due not actually take off, so the pilots can only run the […]

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