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Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ – Groom Texas

Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ


Groom Texas is the site of the the largest free standing cross in the western hemisphere, located along interstate 40 in Groom Texas.  The cross was erected in 1995, and is 19 stories, or 190 feet tall.  The giant cross can be seen from as far as 25 miles away and seen by millions of motorists every year.  Around the base of the cross are life size sculptors depiction the 12 stations of the cross.

This Cross is given for everyone and is open 24/7. There is no charge to visit or spend the night.

Best Time to Visit:

Anytime would be good, but sunrise or sunset will give the best photos.  Gift Shop Summer hours — 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. — Winter hours — 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Where it is:

The cross is located 40 miles east of Amarillo Texas on Interstate highway 40, and is visible from the road.


Exit off I40 at  exit 112 Ranch Rd. 295 to county Rd. 2, or simply exit and drive to the cross, you can’t miss it.


Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ Ministries

Tips for the Photographer


You can photograph with any camera, and there is plenty of room to back off as far as needed to capture the entire cross, however a wide angle lens would make it easier.

What to Photograph:

The 19 story high cross is the primary subject, but there are many other sculptures to photograph including the twelve life size stations of the cross and the last supper.

Photography Tips:

When photographing architectural subjects such as the cross it is important to try and keep the vertical lines straight, watch closely in your view finder that the cross is not appearing to fall over sideways.Unless you are photographing on an overcast day, or in the golden hour, you will be dealing with harsh contrasting light.  Photographing the dark sculptures against a light sky you will need to over expose to maintain the detail and try to shoot with the sun at your back to avoid a silhouette effect.


Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ

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