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Shattuck Windmill Museum – Oklahoma

Shattuck Windmill Museum


Shattuck Windmill Museum is an outdoor park and museum featuring 51 completely restored windmills which were, and still are used to pump water from wells, in the dry grasslands of Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.  The site also features a “Dugout” home, with a sod roof, as was used by early settlers to the area due to the lack of wood.

The thing that struck me the most was the great variety of style, shape, and style of the windmills.  Each windmill is identified with a sign indicating the manufacture, dates of production, and the name of the donor.

The windmill museum and park are free to visit.

Best Time to Visit:

The park is open every day from sunup to sundown. The Mercantile at Windmill Park is open Mon-Sat. from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. except for the months of January and February.

Where it is:

Shattuck Oklahoma, at the junction of Hwy 283 and Hwy 15, just look for the windmills.


From Interstate Hwy 40 in western Oklahoma take exit 20, (historic Route 66) and stay on Hwy 283 north through Sayer Oklahoma for about 80 miles to Shattuck Oklahoma.



Shattuck Windmill MuseumWebsite

Town of Shattuck Oklahoma Website

Shattuck Windmill Museum
P. O. Box 227
Shattuck, Ok 73858PHONE:
580/938-5146 (Director)
580/938-5291 (Mercantile) EMAIL:
Contact Us

Tips for the Photographer


You can photograph here with any camera and lens, however having a variety of focal lengths will allow you to pick and choose what is in the photo, whether you capture many windmills or just a small detail of one windmill.

What to Photograph:

51 restored windmills, a dugout home with sod roof, a replica of a 1904 mercantile, and an authentic 1900 farmhouse.

Photography Tips:

To capture the detail of the windmills you will want use a fast enough shutter speed to stop the windmill, depending on how strong the wind is blowing (this is western Oklahoma, it could be really strong) you may need up 1/1000 second.  If you wish to capture the motion of the windmill turning, creating a blur motion effect, you will need a very slow shutter speed, 1/15 second or slower if the wind is not blowing.The windmills are very close together, use care in framing so that your backgrounds are not cluttered, try to shoot to have clear skies for background when shooting individual windmills.

Shattuck Windmill Museum – Images by Greg Disch

Click on any photo to open a gallery of the images.

Shattuck Windmill Museum Photo Gallery

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  1. There have been may different windmills throughout time. They have evolved over the years. I do not know the there is a park that was especially dedicated to windmills. I will have to check that out sometime.

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