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Learn Lightroom 3 Class Rescheduled


Begins Tuesday March 29 at 6:00 pm.

Learn complete Digital Workflow using Adobe Lightroom 3

    Learn Lightroom 3 is a six week 2 1/2 hours per week of hands on classroom instruction.  You will actually go through the entire process and develop a digital workflow on your computer with your images (if you don’t have images you should take the Learn Digital Photography Class). This class will cover the same material covered in the Lightroom 3 Essentials class, but to a much greater extent, in addition we will cover a lot of lightroom capabilities not covered or only touched on.  If you have already taken the Lightroom 3 Essentials class, this is a great follow up class. There are two main reasons for doing this over a six week period, one of course is for a greater amount of classroom time than is possible in a one day workshop. The other is that you can work on the material covered during the week and then come back to class to get answers to questions that come up when working on your own.  It is always easy when an instructor shows you how to do something in class, but then later it doesn’t always seen quite so easy. We will start off by importing some photos into lightroom and getting everything configured properly from the start to avoid frustration later.  You will configure lightroom settings, get familiar with the interface and workspace, create metadata presets to copyright your work, and learn to quickly and automatically rename files.  You will learn to make fast work of viewing, sorting, comparing, rating, and rejecting photos.

  • Learning to apply keywords and setting up a proper keyword hierarchy will save countless hours locating photos in the future and for online searches when you publish to the web.  You will learn to use collections, smart collections and additional metadata to make organizing your entire library fast and efficient.
  • You will learn to achieve fantastic tone and color using simple sliders, and using  the new greatly improved sharpening and noise reduction, you will think you have a new camera.  The new lens profiles and their manual controls allow for correcting lens distortions or creating dramatic effects.  Dodging and burning are simple tasks in lightroom using the adjustment brush.  All of this in a totally non destructive work environment designed to speed you through the  process.
  • Even with all the power of lightroom there will still be times when you will need the full power of Photoshop, and you will learn how to make the two work together for a seamless workflow.
  • After developing your images they will be ready for export, and you will learn how easy it is to get the file type and size you need.
  • You will learn about the 3rd party plugins that speed your workflow even more.
  • We will how to use the slideshow, web, and print capabilities of Lightroom.
  • Details  
    Location Greg Disch Private Studio
    Experience A basic understanding of Lightroom or the Lightroom 3 essentials class is recommended.
    Equipment Digital camera and laptop computer with Lightroom 3  (a trial copy will expire before the end of  the class, so you will need to have a licensed copy)
    Optional Equipment  
    Maximum Class Size 8 participants to enable personal attention, while working in Lightroom
    Schedule Six week class 1 evening per week for 2 1/2 hours6:30 to 9:00 pm(classes may run longer if I feel we have not completely covered the material)
    Dates Tuesday March 29, 2011  6:30-9:00 Tuesday  April 5, 2011  6:30-9:00

      Tuesday  April 12,  2011 6:30-9:00

      Tuesday  April 19,  NO CLASS

      Tuesday  April 26,  2011 6:30-9:00

    Tuesday May 3,  2011 6:30-9:00

    Tuesday May 19,  2011 6:30-9:00

    Cost $149.00



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  1. I am very interested in taking the Learn Lightroom 3 Class starting on March 29th. Is this class full or am I just overlooking it on the registration page?
    Thank you for your reply.

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