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Photos – Fire Burns Abandoned Hospital at Fort Chaffee

A huge fire has completely destroyed the old abandoned hospital complex at Fort Chaffee in Fort Smith AR.  I recently had the opportunity to photograph the complex, and was planning on hosting some upcoming photography workshops at the location.

Fort Smith Fire Chief Richardson said early Thursday morning crews realized they would not be able to stop the fire engulfing the old Fort Chaffee hospital complex and they knew the fire would move westward.

Richardson said they are doing what they call a “burn back.” This means they started a fire on the edge of property they want to protect. They will let this fire burn and then put it out. They hope once the original fire meets the burned land it will have nowhere else to go.

The fire that burned over 80 acres and over 100 buildings in the historic Chaffee Hospital area of Fort Chaffee.


Here is a gallery of images from before the fire.
Abandoned Hospital Fort Chaffee – Images by Greg Disch



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