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I grew up in western Kansas, that’s right no trees, and became involved in Boy Scouts and began camping and enjoying the outdoors and earned my Eagle Scout rank.  I then moved to Arkansas, lot’s of trees, and have lived here for the last 36 years. My photography today is based upon the love of the outdoors, nature, and wildlife and much of my work is taken here in Arkansas “The Natural State”.

I began my photography career  in 1977 with a 35mm SLR and pursued it  vigorously  as a hobby for several years before joining a local camera club “The Photography Alliance of the Fort Smith Art Center”.   I did well in the contests and became known as an excellent photographer in the area and began doing some freelance work, wedding, portraits, ball teams and etc.  I found myself taking pictures of all the things I did not want to photograph and finding all my weekends taken.   In 1990 I had a career change and became involved in the computer business and time for taking pictures disappeared.  During the next 15 years I was totally immersed in computers and  network technology.  January of 2005 I decided to renew my photography interested and of course by this time digital was the way to go, and I was now one giant leap ahead with my computer expertise.  I am putting to use my computer knowledge and my photographic knowledge to teach and support digital photography. 

I am now sharing my knowledge of photography and technology through my classes and workshops, as well as doing a great deal of travel to build my stock photography business.  My work has been published in books, magazines, calendars, websites, and as fine are prints.   I have won numerous awards and local competitions and exhibited in local galleries.



I use digital imaging and computer technology to enhance and print my work.  My vast experience with computers and technology are a natural blend with current photography practices.  Though I am using new technology, the manipulation that is done is equivalent to classic darkroom techniques (assuming you had access to a full color darkroom).

My IT skills allow me to provide services for photographers, unlike other IT consultants, I understand the needs specific to photographers,  Photoshop, Lightroom, workflow automation, digital asset management, and of course website design.

My images represent what I saw when taking the shot, the technology only helps me to achieve that vision.

Greg is a member of the Photographic Society of Northwest Arkansas, and a member and Officer of the Fort Smith Photographic Alliance and serves on the committee of the Mid America Photography Symposium held in Eureka Springs Ar.
Greg has won numerous awards and local competitions since 2005, and his Work has been exhibited in art galleries, published in books, magazines, calendars, and used on websites.

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