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Arkansas Strobist Meetup Fort Chaffee

I participated in an Arkansas Strobist  Meetup, (an informal group of photographers who correspond through the Flickr photo sharing website)  at Fort Chaffee Sunday.  What is a Strobist you ask?  A Strobist is a photographer that uses a “strobe” (flash) for off camera lighting.  The term  Strobist came from a website run by photography David Hobby which he calls “Strobist”, which has branched into local groups all over the world.  David says “This website is about one thing: Learning how to use off-camera flash with your dSLR to take your photos to the next level.”

We were shooting in abandoned and dilapidated buildings used during the Cuban Refugee Crisis of 1980 when approximately 25,000 Cubans were house at Fort Chaffee.  Some of these were found to be criminals and along with the worst troublemakers had been confined to heavily guarded areas which are surrounded by 11-ft. chain-link fences topped by 2-ft. coils of razor-sharp barbed wire, to prevent them from molesting other refugees or escaping.  This is where we were shooting.

The weather was not the best, it was cold, temp was in the 30’s with a 10-15 mph wind and very overcast skies.  Even thou we were shooting mostly indoors, the windows were broken out and the buildings had no heat.  Our models did a great lob of tolerating the conditions to work with the photographers between trips to the vehicles to warm up.


GregDischPhotography's Arkansas Strobists Fort Chaffee photoset GregDischPhotography’s Arkansas Strobists Fort Chaffee photoset



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