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Painted Desert- Petrified Forest National Park – Panorama

The image here is of the Painted Desert in the Petrified Forest National Park in northeast Arizona.  It is very difficult to capture the wide open spaces of the American West with a camera.  One way to overcome this is to shoot a panorama, taking multiple exposures and then combining them in software.  This used to be a very time consuming and tedious process taking special equipment to make the images line up.  Using new software, making panoramas is just a simple matter of taking multiple shots, overlapping the edges by about 25%  and then let the software do it’s magic.  This image is made of 27 individual shots taken in a portrait orientation and then combined in Photoshop CS3.

 Painted Desert Panorama

Click on the image for a large view (it may take a while to load!).  If the image fits in your browser window, click on it to make it full size, you can then scroll left and right to view the full image.  This image has been reduced to about 1/8 th of the original size for the web.  The full size image is 36,100 x 4496 pixels making it a 162 megapixle image.

Can you find the people in the image?



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  1. Beautiful Panorama, Greg. I enjoy your blog very much. Wish I could attend the walk tomorrow. Gloria

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