Classes and Workshops 

Greg offers both classroom instruction and in the field hands on photographic workshops. Classroom sessions are normally held in Fort Smith Arkansas, but arrangements can be made to bring a class to your group.

All classes and workshops have small class sizes designed to provide an optimum student to instructor ratio, where you can get the personal attention you need.  Most classes and workshops are limited to a maximum of 8 participants and will be held with a minimum of only 2.

View the 2015 schedule here.


Poteau Oklahoma Balloon Fest 2009. Taken during what is called a ?balloon glow?.  A hot air balloon glow is when the balloons are set up and inflated at night or dusk, and the pilots light the inside of the balloon with the propane burner used to create the hot air that causes the balloons to fly.  The flames from the burner cause the colorful balloon envelopes to glow in the dark.  The balloons due not actually take off, so the pilots can only run the burner for a short time and then let it cool down to keep from lifting off. (Greg Disch)

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