Digital Photography Basics – One Day Class

This class is designed for those new to digital photography who really wants to learn to use their digital camera to its fullest potential. The class will cover very basic information up to some advanced techniques. We will cover how to get out of automatic, and into creative photography. You will learn many creative photography techniques, correct exposure and good composition.  We will cover how to transfer you images to the computer and basic digital workflow.  Bring your camera and manual to the class.

The day will be broken down into several sessions:

  • Introduction to digital photography
  • Understanding exposure with liquid light
  • Composition
  • Digital workflow


Location Fort Smith Arkansas (exact location to be determined}
Experience This class is for those new to digital photography or those who wish to learn how to use their camera to the full potential to take better photos.
Equipment Digital camera, be sure to bring your user manual
Optional Equipment Lenses, flash units and other photography gear.
Maximum Class Size 25
Schedule Class to begin at 10 and we will take an hour lunch break at around 12 (Lunch not included)  and continue until around 4:00
Dates February 12, 2011  10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Cost $47.00




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